5 Ways to improve and boost Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is a consciousness of your willpower and determination that how capable you are at doing something. Confidence is not like people have genetically, it develops slowly and gradually with the passage of time, and with the experiences, we are exposed to or we encounter randomly.


Self-confidence is based on personal experiences and if you have seen people with high self-confidence, it reflects that they have tried their best to boost their self-confidence and they have learned from their life experiences. The same goes for a person with low self-confidence.


If someone has low self-confidence, it means he/she does not want to improve his/her self-confidence or they have tried but they are not achieving their goals. Usually, people lose self-confidence when they take things seriously and become afraid of failure. The fear of failure is a common cause of low self-confidence.


Here are some of the ways that will improve and boost your self-confidence:


Look at your achievements:

The most important thing to build up your self-confidence is to look at your achievements. Be an optimistic person and focus on your achieved goals. It is very easy for people to lose self-confidence if they think, they have not achieved anything in their lives.


The simple technique is to write down all of your achievements. Whether it is a small thing like saving a honey bee from a trap or helping a friend with his/her issue. Just combine all of your achievements from childhood to adulthood and scribble down immediately. Have a look whenever feeling down about your self-confidence.


Have a look at your capabilities:

Do an introspection and try to find your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has a talent and take your time to find out what is your talent? Once you are aware of your abilities and capabilities, you will work on it and will polish your own abilities. This will ultimately boost your self-confidence and that you can do so many things and you are capable of doing anything suitable for you.


Set objectives and aims for yourself:

A good way to improve your confidence is to try to set an ambition for yourself. Start from a simple and easy thing like dusting your room and then do a more complicated one like your educational project. The thing is to get your brain on something valuable and important for yourself.



Self-talk is the best way to stop the negative debate in your mind. Try to talk to yourself about good and positive things rather than negative and destructive things. It will lead you to boost your confidence and understand your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The connection between you and your inner self should be like a best friend forever and be your everything.


Start doing your favorite things:

If you are feeling that your confidence is getting down. Start practicing your favorite things. That might be writing, sketching, painting, dancing, swimming, surfing, or photography, and many more like that. The point is to do anything which makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Commitment to your favorite things will divert your negative thoughts to positive and you will find out your strengths.



Self-confidence can easily be developed only by working with yourself and discovering your hidden strengths and weaknesses. Once you are aware of your core abilities, your self-confidence will be improved automatically.

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