555 Challenge: The Law of Attraction Writing Exercise: Journal & Workbook to Manifest Your Desires with the 55×5 Manifestation Technique (Daily Prompt Books for the LOA)

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555 Challenge Workbook Beautifully designed!!

This 555 Challenge Workbook includes daily prompts and lines for writing out your daily manifesting intentions.55X5 MANIFESTING CHALLENGE TIPS- Use a Pen! Purple, blue or red are preferred.- Prepare by getting into a relaxed state/mood. Ambient light or candles, soothing music etc.- Remove any possible distractions and be mindful and present when writing your lines.- Be clear and detailed about what you want to manifest. Keep it to one sentence.- Including words of gratitude and emotions into your statement are essential!- Be excited about what you are manifesting – Feel the emotions of receiving what you want.- Work on only one goal at a time (for the consecutive 5 days) before moving to the next one.- This is not homework and it should not feel bad to do. Get into a high vibrational space.- Saying the words as you write them can help keep you focused.- Visualize your life as you want it to be.- Meditating before and after writing your daily lines is beneficial.- DO NOT SKIP A DAY or SPLIT YOUR 55 LINES INTO DIFFERENT TIMES DURING THE DAY- ALL 55 LINES MUST BE WRITTEN DURING ONE SESSION.- At the end of 5 days – release your affirmation and trust that the Universe will bring it to you.- When you’ve completed the 55X5 Challenge and have successfully manifested your goal, remember to record your success in this journal for future reference and confirmation.- Be grateful for all that the Universe brings to you!*** NOW GO AND GET STARTED ON MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT AND DESERVE! ***



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