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Hey, at least we have some great TV to look forward to, and that, of course, includes the hit Fox show, “9-1-1.” The second half of season three returns tonight, so we got the scoop from the stars about what we can expect.

Character in “9-1-1”: “Yeah, I’m the driver. The police are chasing me.”

Fox’s first responder drama “9-1-1” is back, and the stars are telling us audiences will get to know more members of Station 118.

Aisha Hinds: “We have a couple more characters that we’re peeling back the layers on. Eddie’s character, we’re going to learn more about his past, which is…”

Angela Bassett: “And then, we’ll have everyone covered by then, maybe, unless we start going into the children.”

Oliver Stark says now that the show has been on a while, it’s nice to explore the character’s backstories more.

Oliver Stark: “In our first season, people really tuned in because we had these incredible quirky emergencies that were unlike anything we’ve seen, but as the show has gone on, I think people have really connected to the characters and have really kind of found parts of themselves in it.”

And the cast really appreciates the feedback from the heroes who do these jobs in real life.

Aisha Hinds: “I got a lot of feedback from, uh, first responders who were just happy to be represented in their humanity.”

Oliver Stark: “It’s the smaller things that I find the real first responders pick up on. For example, I had to go and save these people who were trapped, and I did this kind of face of like, ‘Oh, here we go,’ and this guy tweeted me, and he was like, ‘Listen, that’s so real. I hate it when we’re portrayed as like we’re always ready, we’re always, like, sometimes it’s hard, and I’m glad that you guys showed that.’”

The most anticipated return of the winter season is just minutes way!

“9-1-1” is coming up immediately after Deco, right here on 7.

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