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Are You Into Flared Denim? Are You Into Flared Denim? Are You Into Flared Denim? flared jeansDenim: L’Agence (TTS) | Blazer: L’Agence (TTS. wearing a size 4) | Tee: Rag & Bone | Bag: Chanel Coco Mini.

Are You Into Flared Denim?

Clearly, I am. I find them to be quite flattering on the leg and such a fresh take on the denim that I normally reach for. In my opinion, they’ve always been a classic, but I love seeing so many 70’s vibes as we go into the next few seasons.

The only caveat to a flared leg: it does require a higher heel or platform.  I tend to save them for dressier occasions or one that doesn’t require too much city walking.

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