Behold Ring Video Doorbell 3 (there’s a Plus model too!)

Amazon-owned Ring appears to be readying a follow-up to the Ring Video Doorbell 2, as evident by FCC filings and leaked retailer listings. 

The FCC filings indicate Ring is developing a Video Doorbell 3 as well as a Video Doorbell 3 Plus. Zatz Not Funny also spotted Home Depot and Target link redirects with snippets of info about the yet-to-be-announced devices. Perhaps the most interesting “leak” comes from Ring’s website, which had a full listing for the Video Doorbell 3. Although it’s no longer live, you can view a cache.

1/3Ring/Zatz Not Funny

Browse the gallery above to view the recent leaks.

Add up all the details from these scoops, and the Video Doorbell 3 will surely replace the Video Doorbell 2, as it is the same size, has the same price ($199), and has similar features. The main difference? The new model brings 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi – versus 2.4GHz on the Video Doorbell 2 – and a “near” motion zone that provides motion detection up to 15 feet in front of your home.

“Video Doorbell 3 also has improved screw strength, a redesigned easy-to-remove faceplate, and automatic chime connection, which makes installing your video doorbell easier than ever,” according to Ring’s now-removed webpage. As a result, the Video Doorbell 3 will require new wedge and corner kits, but those will be bundled. You also need to choose between silver and bronze faceplates.

As for the $229 Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus model, here’s how Ring described the more premium version of its new video doorbell:

“The main difference is that Video Doorbell 3 Plus includes our Pre-Roll technology, which allows you to see an additional four seconds of video before the motion event was even triggered – a first-to-market feature for battery-powered doorbells and unique exclusively to Ring. Pre-Roll video is in black and white and in low resolution to conserve your battery life.”

We suspect these doorbells will be announced soon, as FCC filings and leaks of this scale usually precede a debut by mere weeks.

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