Guide of Law of Attraction


The Law of attraction reveals that you attract the things that you want in your life. Whatever you focus or wherever you give attention or energy, it will come back to you in the same way. You can say that the energy you give out is the energy you get back. By keeping the line focused, you always have to focus on ethical and positive things in your life; in that way, you will automatically attract the good and positive things.


In the universe, the Law of attraction is the most potent and most important key to success. If you want to empower yourself and want, fulfill your dreams, and lead a successful life, you must understand the Law of attraction.

Here are seven easy ways to apply the Law of attraction in life:

  1. Clarity
  2. Asking
  3. Thinking and imagination
  4. Feel it
  5. Be pleased
  6. Trust
  7. Receive



First of all, what you have to do with the Law of attraction is to have clarity about the things which you want in your life or from your life. It’s become better when you have more clarity about life. Clearer message you will send to the universe, then it became more comfortable for you to manifest.



After having clarity about the thing, then secondly, you have to ask for it. Ask the universe what you want. For example, if you want a bicycle to start thinking about it, writing about it in the present tense also sketches a bicycle on paper. Ask subconsciously from the universe that you want a bicycle with clarity until it manifests in front of you.


Thinking and imagination:

One of the most potent practices while using the Law of attraction to visualize and continuously think about what they want. Visualization is a potent technique which is also approved by the scientist. Science proves that visualization is handy in achieving your goals and improving your skills.


It is because our mind cannot differentiate between what is real or what is just imagination. Only what you have to do is make a schedule each day and practice visualization at that time every day until you achieve your goals. Try you to create broader vision always.


Feel it:

Emotions also play a significant role in manifesting what you want to achieve by using the Law of attraction. If you visualize and do not feel about it, then it doesn’t work. You must have to include your emotions and feelings in everything. Every time you visualize and think, try you add your feelings in it also.


Be pleased:

Being thankful or being pleased is a crucial key to the working of the Law of attraction. If you miss the gratitude, then you can’t raise the vibration that brings you harmony in the universe. Try you use thank you more often and also show appreciation and gratitude in everything. Feel the emotions of being pleased.



 To activate the Law of attraction, you have to trust and believe purely for what you want. If you do so sincerely, then definitely it will happen. It doesn’t just talk about your goals, beliefs, and trust it from your heart.



There is a golden rule what you give you will receive back. If you don’t dare to lose something, you definitely can’t discover new things and learn. Always give positive vibes to get back that vibes.

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