Harry Styles Strings Together an Unprecedented Big Fit Marathon

In the sport that is tossing up colossal fits, no competitor has a higher batting average than Harry Styles. We are constantly forced to recalibrate our idea of what is humanly possible to make room for what the British singer does with machine-like efficiency. Who can possibly forget the day back in November when Styles wore three Big Fits in the span of just two days? It’s a day forever stamped in the brain of even the most novice Fitologists. We saw it, and we rested, believing that the peak could not get any higher.

And yet yesterday at the The BRIT Awards, Styles put together a whopping five-napkin burger of a performance: a colossal 100% beef three-patty meal of fits. That’s right: Styles wore three Big Fits in a single night.

His magical evening began with a natty suited look from Gucci that featured off-kilter details like a collar embroidered like the edge of a doily, and his pair of heeled Mary Janes. For his performance of “Falling” during the awards ceremony, Styles busted out another Gucci outfit. The head-to-toe lace shirt, pants, and suspenders set was custom-made for Styles six months ago, according to the singer’s stylist Harry Lambert. Pay attention, kids, this is how Big Fits are made: like a diamond in the pressure cooker for six months.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The third course was somehow better than all the fits that came before, though. Styles finished the night in a canary-yellow suit and tulle purple bow ripped right off Marc Jacobs’s Spring/Summer 2020 runway from September. “What more could one want?” the designer wrote on Instagram. ”Handsome, talented and dresses like a BAD BITCH.” To answer the question: there is nothing left to want after this marathon of fits.

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