Meditation and Manifestation techniques do law of attraction

Manifestation techniques do law of attraction

Manifestation techniques do the law of attraction

Do you remember how you felt after completing your first meditation? Many respond to this question, such as relaxation, calmness, calmness, or compassion. This is not because meditation creates these sensations or emotions from nothing. Meditation practices allow us to notice the sensations and emotions that exist within us but we forget. During the day, your mind is so full of thoughts that you don’t even feel these emotions.

From the first second you wake up in the morning to the last second you fall asleep at night, this intensity of thought causes you to not notice anything. So if you felt these feelings, albeit a little, know that they are somewhere in the deep and just waiting to be discovered. Of course, you may not have felt these feelings very clearly, moreover, there may be different questions in mind. After all, you are doing a practice for the first time; it’s normal that you want to see its effects instantly.

In general (Manifestation techniques do the law of attraction)

many people sit in their first meditation with a large cloud of expectations; and these expectations are often related to emotional states… Maybe you expected to see some decrease in your level of anxiety or a little improvement in compassion towards someone at the end of the first meditation practice, but you didn’t notice any change. Maybe after that first meditation, you expected to be able to focus better on what you did, to easily control your stress level in the office; but it didn’t. Or maybe even though meditation seems to be more than just a tool that gives you instant relief, you couldn’t even experience that “instant” relief during meditation because you drowned in the sea of ​​thoughts. These are all very normal.


If you think meditation is a momentary painkiller or a magic potion, I must say that meditation is the opposite. Meditation is a practice that will see its effects in the long term, beyond its momentary effects. While some of us may not notice these effects in the first meditations we did, scientific research proves that the first meditation we did, even for a short time, began to affect our lives and change our mind from the very first moment, even if we did not notice.


Meditation strengthens mental skills

As the place of awareness meditations occupies in our lives, scientists have begun to do more research on this issue. While many of these examine the effects of intense meditation programs that have been practiced for a certain period of time on mental skills and attention, recent research by Catherine Norris & Hedy Kober and her team has revealed the effects of single meditation practice on subjects with no meditation experience.


The research team randomly divided approximately 40 Swathmore University students who had no previous meditation experience into two groups. They listened to a group for 10 minutes of awareness meditation and to the other group a 10-minute article with similar formal qualities from National Geographic. Immediately after, they applied the same simple mental tests to both groups.


Attention quality starts to improve with the first application. As a result of the research, it was determined that the group performing 10-minute guided awareness meditation. Achieved better results in tests such as awareness and focus and they were more successful in directing attention.


This new finding is very important because this research proves that we benefit even when we meditate once. So this means that meditation has been effective from the very first moment we started practicing.


What does meditation change?

From the first moment, we started meditating, the prefrontal cortex and limbic system. Which are the parts of the brain related to emotions, begin to change. The density of gray matter in these areas begins to increase, and performance-oriented qualities such as attention are rapidly improved.

Long story short; meditation is not just a tool to take us into a dream world as soon as we step into it; A journey that will cause us to re-experience that feeling of lightness and relaxation that we noticed in our first experience after every meditation practice. Besides, of course, it is possible to see permanent change and improvement only with regular practice.

For this very reason, relying on the practice of meditation, taking only 10 minutes every day, and staying patiently in that area where expectations are minimized will open up a great process for you.

All you have to do is try to sit down to meditate at least 2-3 times a week, even every day, even for short periods. In this way, you will see that your mind and body are better relaxed and calm every day.

You are on the verge of change in your life. Are you ready to make this process patiently, loop by loop, as part of your life? Here is a free Book, I will give you as a gift

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