Menopause Symptoms – Is an Enlarged Uterus One of Many Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause as all women know is a time for change and may have some uncomfortable symptoms. The question is whether one of the menopause symptoms could include an enlarged uterus. There are specific tests for diagnoses and treatments are available.

Causes and Symptoms of an Enlarged Uterus

An enlarged uterus is also called Endometriosis – a bulging formation that occurs in the uterus and continues to develop. It can sometimes be misconstrued as pregnancy. It is typically categorized by severe pain in the lower abdominal region. This pain occurs because of the pressure the enlarging uterus puts on the bladder. The extreme abdominal pain and possible bladder problems can be indicative of an enlarged uterus or other health conditions including pregnancy so it is strongly advised that you have the necessary exams and tests done to accurately identify the source of your symptoms.

Examinations and Tests Used to Diagnose an Enlarged Uterus

A laparoscopy is a surgical procedure used to examine internal organs. A pelvic examination is a physical examination by a physician of internal organs. An Endometrial biopsy is performed to rule out any possible malignancy as a cause for your symptoms. A hysteroscopy is similar to a laparoscopy but examines the reproductive organs specifically. An ultrasound scan and an MRI-magnetic resonance imaging test will produce images of the reproductive organs from which information can be gathered. Blood tests called a CBC- complete blood count may also be done to determine if hormone levels and body chemicals are at healthy levels.

For a specific diagnosis for enlarged uterus and or menopause a physical examination and some tests may be ordered by your doctor. These things will also help to rule out any other possible health concerns. It’s better to have the test and find nothing serious than to not have them and have something serious going on.

Menopause symptoms could include an enlarged uterus because the changing hormone levels could mimic pregnancy. The uterus does change somewhat during sexual activity and this could affect the size of the uterus.

Treatment for an Enlarged Uterus

Current treatments include hormone therapies that can be very effective in treating enlarged uterus and other menopausal symptoms. Surgical examination can be done during a laparoscopy. In the past however, the typical treatment for an enlarged uterus was surgery that required a long incision or a complete hysterectomy- the complete removal of all reproductive organs.

Many women choose to use herbal supplements in treatment of menopause and they have been proven to be highly effective. If hormones are at a healthy level than it may be possible to treat it with herbal supplements but this is not known at this time.

An herbal supplement should be with only standardized herbal extracts and manufactured to meet pharmaceutical grade standards. The ingredients should have extensively tested including the metabolic route of the ingredients at the molecular level. The interactions of the ingredients should also have been tested.

All of this helps to guarantee consistent dosing and consistent quality from capsule to capsule. Herbal supplements are often chosen to avoid some of the serious side effects that can accompany traditional pharmaceutical treatments. Though they have far less side effects they should not be added to your health routine without your doctor’s knowledge. Some herbs may interfere with the performance of prescriptions you may be taking for other health conditions.


The question was/is this: Can an enlarged uterus be one of many menopausal symptoms.

There are tests and treatments available including diagnostic imaging, physical examinations and blood tests. Treatments could include hormones but may also include the use of herbal supplements. If you have any of the symptoms listed here, consult your doctor to be on the safe side.

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