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It may have the same title as the “Fantasy Island” from 40 years ago, but as star Michael Peña told Deco, the new reimagining of that TV series goes dark for a new sci-fi horror movie, where the cliché holds true: be careful what you wish for.

What’s your fantasy?

Michael Peña (as Mr. Roarke): “There is only one fantasy per guest, and you must see your fantasy through.”

Maggie Q (as Elena): “You brought her back to life?”

Blumhouse’s “Fantasy Island” dares you to get exactly what you want. The only problem? Those secret dreams soon become nightmares, as a group of guests at a remote tropical resort have to solve the island’s mystery in order to escape with their lives.

Alex Miranda: “You wouldn’t think that a scary movie would be the kind of movie you want to see on Valentine’s Day, but at the same time, isn’t it the perfect movie to see?”

Michael Peña: “What if it’s a first date, and you go on Valentine’s Day?”

Alex Miranda: “Right. Because you get to cuddle up with your partner!”

Michael Peña: “I’ve been married for too long, but she actually got scared.”

Michael Peña plays Mr. Roarke in the reimagining of the late ’70s/early ’80s TV series of the same name.

And it got us thinking.

Alex Miranda: “If you could go back and change something from the past, or address something from the past in a fantasy, what would it be?”

Michael Peña: “I think, ’cause I lost my mom when I was younger — her birthday was on Christmas — so I would spend at least a week every December with her.”

Alex Miranda: “You just mentioned your wife, Brie. What does she prefer to watching of your work?”

Michael Peña: “I know she liked ‘Crash.’”

Alex Miranda: “Who didn’t?”

And they love SoFlo! Michael told Deco he’s living out his Miami food fantasy, too! No scary plot twist here.

Alex Miranda: “What is it that you like the most about coming down here?”

Michael Peña: “Cuban sandwich. I just had one!”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, yeah, or the cortadito, the cafecito.”

Michael Peña: “Yeah, man. I was going to order a salad, and I’m like, ‘What am I doing? I’m in Miami,’ and they just gave me one. It was fantastic.”

Fantasy Island premieres in theaters on Valentine’s Day.

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