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It’s a meat market in South Florida, and we’re not talking about the dating scene. SoFlo is a great place to find real, grade-A cuts of meat — but you know, it’s not just your meat. Here’s how you smoke it.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

In this case, meat — lots of meat.

It’s all at Society BBQ inside Citadel in Miami.

Richard Hales, Society BBQ: “Society BBQ is a market style Texas-inspired barbecue where you order at the counter, and you order by the half pound, you order your sides, and then we give it to you, and you are ready to go. ”

Texas style is a little different. It doesn’t have a barbecue sauce; it gets smoked.

Don’t let the dark color on the outside of the meat fool you. It’s called the bark, and it’s full of flavor.

Richard Hales: “There’s a lot of salt and a lot of pepper on it — you won’t believe as much — and it creates a bark. And then there is a smoke ring underneath that, I think, is a defining characteristic of Texas barbecue.

One thing that makes Society BBQ stand out is their choices go on, and on, and on.

Richard Hales: “We have about eight different proteins. People are usually at a barbecue restaurant used to getting chicken and pulled pork and ribs, and in this case we went beyond that.”

There’s sliced brisket, sausage links and pork ribs.

Richard Hales: “We do burnt ends, we also do vegan burnt ends. I’m not so sure a barbecue place that is so meat-centric is for a vegan, but it’s for like everybody now.”

Check out the giant beef rib.

Einar Erlandsen, customer: “It was big. It’s like the Flintstones. You pick up the big piece of meat, and it falls, and it’s delicious. It melts like butter.”

When it comes to sides, there are plenty.

Richard Hales:”We have five different sides on the menu. We do a squash and cheese, which is a replacement sort of of mac and cheese you would get in a barbecue restaurant.”

With this many choices, when you stop by Society BBQ, just make sure you’re not indecisive.

Richard Hales: “We understand that people want options. It’s just the way it is.”

Einar Erlandsen: “I think it really gives all barbecue places a run for its money.”

Society BBQ
The Citadel
8300 NE 2nd Ave. #115
Miami, FL 33138

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