The Basics of Numerology Part 1


Numerology is the study of numbers, which reflects individual attitudes and tendencies of behavior that are an integral part of universal planning. Each character has a numerical value, which gives the corresponding temporal resonance. The difference in vibration is to sum the values ​​obtained from the letters of birth date and letter name.


These numbers are about nature, the purpose of life, what inspires, and the potential. Statisticians use numbers to determine the best moments for life’s significant moments and actions. It is used to determine when to invest, marry, travel, relocate, and when to rehab.


Numerology Basics

Numerology works in complex and requires a master numerologist for a detailed and accurate reading. Although you can quickly achieve your lifestyle and your expression, personality, and mobility using necessary calculations, you need to understand exactly how these numbers work together.


The idea behind numerology is that your date of birth, name of birth, and many other factors surrounding a person influence the universe and life. Thus, numerology has vast depths that serve as a reference. As a result, it often provides surprising statistics about just about anyone.

There are no coincidences that affect your journey through your name and birthday and some horoscope or astrology understand your signs, signs, and destiny. Let’s see.


Advanced Statistics

Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher, who is the father of numerology,  used most often in modern teachings. Pythagoras was a brilliant mathematician, but he was not interested in quantitative solutions. He believed that the world was full of numbers and developed a system of matching letters with integers. His training is a numerical correlation study.


How does Numerology work?

The easiest way to start working on numerology is to analyze your specific birth date. Numerology is about the root number. To do this, subtract the digits (more on this later). Until they reach figures other than 11 and 22, which are considered master numbers. This single digit is your career path number.


Career path number is like your astral sun sign: it reveals your great purpose, which includes strength, weakness, ability, and ambition.  Therefore, your career path number highlights the throes of your experiences and why past, present and future events occur. Simply put, this is the way of insanity.

Suppose, your birthday is December 10, 1992. To count your career path number, subtract each part of this date from a number:

12, the month is reduced to 1 + 2 = 3.

The date is reduced to 10 1 + 0 = 1.

The year 1992 was reduced to 1 + 9 + 9 + 2. This is equal to 21. Again 21 is reduced to 2 + 1 = 3.

Also, we add the lower month, date, and year number (3 + 1 + 3) to 7.

Finally, your career path is number 7.

Numbers impact:

Number 1:

Positive Impact: Naturally Leadership Attributes and Independent.

Adverse effect: Aggression and egoism.

Number 2:

Positive Impact: Harmony and Participation.

Adverse effects: widespread and depression.

Number 3:

Positive Impact: Artistic and creative.

Negative Impact: Scattered Energy and Exaggeration

Four Numbers:

Positive Impact: Strong sense of order and values ​​and struggle against boundaries

Adverse effect: lack of actualization and capture of detail

Number – or 5:

Positive Impact: New and Visionary Ideas and Quick Thinking

Adverse effects: pause and dissatisfaction.

Number 6:

Positive Impact: Responsibility and Artistic

Negative affect: Self-esteem and control.

Number 7:

Positive impact: expertise in analysis and research.

Adverse effect: hidden intent and overly reserved.

Number 8:

Positive Impact: Executive Role and Capabilities.

Adverse effect: Workaholic and highly ambitious.

Number 9:

Positive Impact: Heartfelt, friendly, and congenial.

Adverse effect: Self-Esteem and Scattered Interest.

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