The 10 Reasons For Our Dissatisfied Life Uncovered

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Dissatisfied life is an unfulfilled desire that is the biggest reason for a happy life or a happy life. We are aware of our surroundings, but we do not know our mind. We know what’s going on outside, but we ignore what’s going on inside. We forget how our internal state makes us feel about the external. We are busy coloring the walls, ignoring the chaos in the room. We are busy making fast clothes while ignoring thoughts that move the mind. All this which leads to our dissatisfied life


Many men are utterly non-existent because they believe that the next moment is more important. The idea that something external makes you happy or happy is a total illusion. The idea that you are about to change something in the outside world and that the peace and eternal happiness and happiness that you have received is a fundamental illusion that all of us must experience in our dissatisfied life.


“The illusion of understanding the past leads to more confusion in controlling and controlling the periods. If you are suffering externally, it does not hurt you, but it is your decision. It is your power to make this decision.” Ar Marcus Ure Raylius

Facts about dissatisfied life 

According to Russell, our dissatisfaction depends on a few factors. Getting started with stress and tumors is a major cause of unhappiness. The present age of human history is a period of unrest. Life has become complicated, and men and women are busy from head to toe in their daily tasks. Besides, they can’t get away for a weekend of relaxation and fun. Men and women spend their days and nights together, becoming strangers to children and other relationships.


Constant searching for luck and that luxurious luxury in this modern world has caused anxiety, tension, and discomfort in people. The “gifts” to this busy life are psychological anxiety and mental agony.

There are so many factors but the ten most important factors to our happy lives.

  • You don’t make time for the right things
  • You haven’t found your goal
  • Compare yourself to others
  • You believe everyone should follow your rules
  • You entered your past
  • You are sick
  • You are perfect
  • You neglect personal relationships
  • You have stayed
  • You may not get enough sleep.


The problem is not so. The desire for perfection and anxiety dissipates the desire for discontent. But how can you get rid of your addiction? The Dalai Lama acknowledges that we cannot share our desires because we want to be free from desires. So, it’s not about getting out of lust, but about executing that desire out of mind.



Many social and biological factors contribute to dissatisfaction. The above factors have their useful points if we control and remove corrections from them. It depends on our efforts to achieve good results. When we think of our desire – the source of our dissatisfaction – as imperfect, we need to look at what drives the feeling of imperfection.

Where are you dissatisfied with your life? What can do to turn the idea of imperfection into a perfect approach? In other words, how can you implement your desire in a meaningful way, without encouraging your negativity and ending your discontent? Take it away; If we can answer that question honestly and truthfully, we have a starting point for change. I will be giving you, one of my E-books for free, Title Creating your miracle mind.

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