Weekend Notes: January 31


Happy Friday! These days, it feels like I’m spending most of my days in a sleep deprived fog. Sasha will wake up to eat and as soon as I get her back down, Nate gets up. It’s been a bit challenging, but I do constantly remind myself “this shall pass…”  Regardless, it’s been a good week. I shared a little more on my morning skincare routine, found a new favorite brand, and listened to a few great podcasts. Sharing all those links and details below!

As I was saying, yesterday,  I shared an updated morning skincare routine. If you’re interested, I saved it to my highlights. During the routine, so many of us, myself included, were bummed to find out that OleHenrikson Banana Bright Eye Cream has recently been called out for causing some pretty bad eye reactions. I feel terrible for negatively talking about a brand or a product, but I feel even worse that I’ve recommend this product to so many of you. I should mention that I’ve never had any issues! In fact, I’ve had nothing but good results with it. However, my main concern is that I received a lot of messages of many of you using it for years, but then recently, having a really bad reaction. It’s unclear if it was a tainted batch, a change in ingredients or something else, but I felt it was something I should address. Especially since many of you had this happen and wondered “why are my eyes suddenly so irritated?” With that being said, I’ve discontinued using it until further notice. Also if you missed it, I have a very detailed skincare routine post here. 

I recently discovered Everlane jeans (and for that matter, their sweaters including this one and this one) and they’ve quickly jumped into being one of my favorite pairs. I find they run true to size and I’ve been getting the ankle length as I prefer them a bit shorter. For the sweaters, I’ve been taking a medium as I’ve been liking them a little bigger.

In an effort to grow out my lashes (they got stumpy when I was pregnant), I’ve purchased several lash serums, including neuLASH, Grandelash and Revitalash to test out which I like the most.  I plan to use each one in its entirety before making a decision. I did love Lash Boost but found it irritated my lids a bit more than I liked. So far, I’m a few weeks into Revitalash and have had no negative side effects.

13 hidden-gem restaurants & bars that can be found in NYC’s Midtown.

The perfect accessory to go with your favorite candle.

In the last two weeks, I listened to a few podcasts that really resonated with me. In particular, this one and this one. Highly recommend!

One of the most informative + helpful posts on breastfeeding and pumping that I have read.

Just add red wine.

What our working lives will look like in 2040.

The coziest puffer in a timeless color. Also found this one that’s on sale & a bit more budget-friendly.

Why am I always tired?

My go-to solution for a sun-kissed glow in the dead of winter.

8 Healthy Super Bowl recipes that will definitely make you a fan.

I own and love this Free People sweater.

Great tips on setting limits with toddlers.

Another coat find that’s giving me major heart eyes.

#Marriage – these tweets say it all.

You’d be amazed at the shockingly accurate and revealing information that can be deciphered from nothing more than your name and date of birth. I was actually feeling lost but this FREE numerology reading, helped me find my life’s purpose. For those that are lost you can checkout the FREE reading here. I hope it help someone.

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