One of the most frequent messages I receive from spirit guides when reading for someone about love and relationships is, “It is safe for you to love.”

None of us want to be hurt.

And yet every person on earth has been hurt in a relationship. Maybe someone you loved broke up with you, withdrew their love, or died. The pain may have felt unbearable and a part of you vowed not to let it happen again.

I made a conscious decision at 14 that I would never be vulnerable again after my first boyfriend broke up with me. I remember looking at the moon in the evening sky while hardening my heart. I decided that rejection was more painful than not giving someone a chance to reject me, so I created a wall and a false personality to keep people out.

That instinct to protect yourself from pain is incredibly versatile.

Your subconscious mind knows how to build a wall around your heart to keep you from feeling anything close to the despair you may have experienced. And after a while, it feels normal for it to be there. The clue that you have a wall to keep others away is in your relationships. If you always find yourself in relationships with people who cannot compromise or hold back from being vulnerable to you, it is a mirror that reflects your fear of doing the same.

If you have a wall around your heart because you don’t want to be hurt, you will attract men or women into your life who also have barriers to emotional intimacy, and the result is that you end up suffering anyway.

Spirit guides want you to know that even if you were heartbroken at some point in your life, you still lived.

They know it wasn’t fun or comfortable, but you didn’t come here to be comfortable. You came here to experience all aspects of being alive, including being hurt at times.

And yet, getting hurt and disappointed doesn’t mean it’s a permanent experience. There have been many days, weeks, and months that you have not been suffering a loss. There have been many times when you have felt good, even happy.

What if you accepted being hurt as part of the path to love? If you can feel good taking that risk, plunging into life’s ocean of joy and sadness without holding back, you will attract someone into your life who is also ready to take that leap, and you will do it together.

Loving is safe because love is your nature and it can never be taken away from you. You are love.

It is safe to love because it is safe to be hurt. No matter how many times you feel rejected, alone and scared, or cut off from love, your soul is eternal and can never be damaged or broken. Pain becomes part of your experience for a moment, and then it disappears to reveal a deeper, wilder, more authentic you, and nothing could be more precious and lovable than that.

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