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Belts and jeans. They make the world go round, and no wardrobe is complete without them. Tonight, we’re checking out a belt trend that’s back from the dead — and a new line of jeans giving us life.

Buckle up, baby! The wide belt is back!

What’s old is new again at Macy’s in Dadeland Mall, where we checked out the revival of this early 2000s trend.

Anais Grullon: “Realistically, it takes such a small footprint in your closet that I just hope people roll them up, put them in a shoe box, give it a couple years, and guaranteed that we’re gonna see it again, and here we are.’”

Here we are, thanks to celebs like J.Lo, Gisele, Diane Keaton and Camila Cabello.

The trend can be for everyone.

Anais Grullon: “A great way to really accentuate a waistline, regardless of your body type, is a wide belt. You literally can work with what you already have in your wardrobe, and just invest in a piece that isn’t gonna break the bank.”

And this is turning something as straightforward as a belt into a statement piece.

Anais Grullon: “This is a great way to transition your already existing clothes and step it up to the next level.”

Talk about making a statement! The Deconstructed by Kiki line just launched in SoFlo.

There’s a bunch of great looks, but we’ve got our eyes on these jeans.

Christine “Kiki” Lesperance, Deconstructed by Kiki: “It’s just a staple in everyone’s closet, and it’s never gonna go out of style.”

Especially when the jeans have these beautiful patches of fabric.

To get a closer look, we had a little fashion shoot at the luxurious Privé Island in the Aventura area.

Christine “Kiki” Lesperance: “We just add beautiful, rich, carefully sourced fabrics from around the world. We just add it to the bottom of the jeans to give it a very artsy, global, fun look.”

At long last, something new to the jeans game.

Christine “Kiki” Lesperance: “I’ve seen embroidery at the bottom of the denims, but not really beautiful silk and cotton fabrics sewn onto the bottom to kind of change the look.”

Suddenly, simply wearing jeans will make you stand out.

Christine “Kiki” Lesperance: “It’s head-turning, and that’s what we wanted. We created this line for the woman that loves, enjoys the limelight, who just enjoys being fun, flirty and feminine.”

Deconstructed by Kiki is having a pop-up at the Julian Chang boutique this month, and you can also find the collection online.

Deconstructed by Kiki

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