Positive thinking and positive behaviour are the best instruments to lead a happy life. Positive approaches are related to circumstances. How we look at the world and how we perceive the information about anything reflects our attitude. Our emotions, beliefs and behaviour towards a person, place and object show what kind of attitude we have.

According to psychologists, attitudes are formed by the way of evaluation towards events, issues, objects and people. Research shows many components impact a person`s attitude. These include cognitive, affective and behavioural components.



Everyone in this world has an inner strength to remake his life. While personal commitment is the biggest part of the motivational force, we cannot improve the community as an individual. Our efforts will be in vain unless all families combine as a unit to increase community strength. Only those nations can make progress who have peace, self-respect, discipline and hope.

Each person in the society has his influence, and his presence cannot be ignored. Every human being shows a different attitude towards his family and friends. A person with a negative attitude will make no progress and his ability to succeed will dramatically decrease because he spends his life with a passive personality.



There are some practical and powerful ideas that will help you to get an attitude of expectancy, optimism and enthusiasm and will reduce your problems significantly.

You can deal with tough situations and solve the complications of your life with a strong mindset. With a growth mindset, a person uses his failure as a learning opportunity, and in this way, he gets himself closer to success.

You should start your action with the strongest of purposes. Only a powerful action can serve your goal because aimless activities cause mental stress and waste your time. You should be congruent in your thoughts, feelings and actions. You can move with confidence and your biochemistry will change for better by affirming powerful thoughts about your actions.


You should take action without expecting a result, always take your best, and not be disappointed when you fail to attain your target results. Furthermore, you should adopt an attitude of gratitude by saying thank you. Be thankful for others even on the smallest gift: it as simple as a smile.

When you remind yourself again and again that you can do something, your mind will begin to believe that you are like a winner and a successful person, In this way, you will motivate yourself to do a lot of work. If you take yourself so seriously, then it is possible that people will laugh at you.

A number of people have countless ideas on this planet. But only active people come up with ideas and perform their action without hesitation. The only thing that drives your success in life is being in positive congruence between the way you think and feel and act. You will feel more comfortable and peaceful if you cultivate the ability to laugh at yourself.

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